acoustic solution

EOACOUSTIC® is the world's first decorative sound-absorbing panels
based on conifer needles

Flexible interior design tool

Wide choice of natural colors and shapes

The stage of panels creation

We have unlocked the potential of conifer needles harmless to nature

Fir branch

Dried fir needle

Fir needle panels


Composite material from fir needles

The EOACOUSTIC focuses on sustainable material usage without environment harming.
The new sound-absorbing fiber material is based on conifer needle and biodegradable binder.
It has natural color and texture that creates forest atmosphere in interior.

full customization of your space

Nature solutions for acoustic challenges

Our panels are committed to leaving people in a truly natural and comfortable space -
better equipped for creating a cozy atmosphere

Bar & restaurant

Showroom & store

Fitness & SPA

Public space

Lobby & reception

Private space

Product range. The choice is yours.

Explore our four styles collection, get inspired and design your own shape and color.

Realise your acoustic requirements and aspirations using future-proof panels with unlimited
ways of application


Decoration of vertical planes
of any formats

Micro architecture

Mobile meeting room.
Structures within large spaces


Zoning with free-standing

Ceiling flag

Suspended echo-suppressing

Custom design

Use as part of the structures and
full interior items

Ceiling clouds

Suspended ceiling structures

Assistance for projects

Are you an interior designer or a professional and require support in using the material in your project? We are at your disposal with our support.


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