Noise-canceling interior material based on conifer needles. Our panels are a natural porous material that absorbs sound reflections, regulates humidity and temperature, creates a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. The peculiarity of the material is the preservation of the original shape of the needles, which create a natural texture and a feeling of wood in the interior. EOACOUSTIC is a high decorative properties adaptable to different tasks.

The panels are made only from natural ingredients. Pine needles complements the composition of natural binder and eco-friendly flame retardant. Spruce needles panels optimize the acoustic environment due to its porous structure with a thickness of only 25 millimeters.

Our production is based on the principles development of sustainability  and respect for the environment.

We love our material for creating the atmosphere of a forest in a room, both visual and touchable. The natural color of coniferous panels is similar to the main color in classical painting - umber.

Healthy space. The needles contain natural terpenoids, which have a beneficial effect on the human body and improve well-being. It helps to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Salone Satellite Moscow 2016
Salone Satellite Milan 2017

We use needles from renewable forests, during industrial harvesting of wood, raw materials for our products are unused resources in the field of wood processing.


Creating acoustic material from needles, we thought about the future,
about a truly harmless process of the entire production using the
undeservedly utilized components of nature.

We dreamed of a fabulous texture and a diverse palette
of forms creating a forest spirit in the interior.

This became a reality and we are committed to further development
of a perspective production creating a sustainable process and varied design.