Wall Panels

Mosaic collection

Eoacoustic Mosaic collection creates expressive and bright ornamental compositions in the interior. Mosaic is a system of geometric shapes that are combined with each other and create lots of variations of patterns and compositions. Different versions of the edges of the panels give a flat or embossed character of the surface. The panels are presented in  multiple variations of sizes, which allows you to find the desired scale of the pattern, and also allows you to combine large and small figures, if necessary.

Creative freedom with many patterns

More examples of patterns

Twelve shapes of collection


Triangle A

Triangle B


Rectangle C

Rectangle B


Rectangle A


Triangle C

Parallelogram A

Parallelogram B

Variety of panels

Natural palette

The natural color of dry pine needles is Olive -it' the basic color of a palette. We use careful needles toning to preserve the natural texture. The noble shades of olive, brown and terracotta give the panels a natural charm just as nature does.


Light brown




Dark brown

Olive black

Olive yellow

why choose us

Features of EOACOUSTIC wall panels


The natural components together provide many functional characteristics: increases the efficiency of materials used and good impact on human well-being and the environment.

Sound absorbent

Acoustic panels are a good sound absorber that dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem.

Nature texture

Our acoustic panels add fantastic visual impact to any project and provide impact on your environment, creating beautiful and inspiring public spaces.


Conifer needles evolve phytoncides influence not only our physiological state and as a result our health, but also create a feeling of fresh forest environment.


EOACOUSTIC panels is the perfect choice for buildings with high fire resistant, hygenic, and sound insulation demands.

Thoughtful design

While designing all our products we base upon 3 main approaches to innovation: combination, flexibility and absolute benefit – to make your space a better place to live, work and relax.